A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A cyberpunk adventure with a breathtaking story, cozy line art, some psychedelic experience, in-game Internet, and three different endings. Made by collaboration of two teams: IT Happens & And Tak Soidet Games.

Due to issues with multi-layered audio in browser we’ve abandoned web version, so please download.

Languages available: English and Russian.

Install instructions

Download, unpack and run.

Mac users will need to open System Preferences → Security & Privacy to enable downloaded apps and allow Limbus inc to start.


limbus_inc-1.0-win.zip 99 MB
limbus_inc-1.0-mac.zip 99 MB
limbus_inc-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 104 MB

Development log


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Cool game, with beautiful artwork... keep it up !

Thanks for your comment! We’ll do!

hello I have a game site
Can I get your game on my site?
Do not worry!
I will advertise you

Yes, sure, you can. Please send us a link to your site.

I like it :) At the very beginning I chose a name Zuza McLowsky and then giggled at Kurt's surname.

Also LOLed at Boris userpicture (did he permit, did he permit?) and the Boss name :)

Great job and really exciting experience.

Thanks for playing.
We are glad that you enjoyed it. 
He didn't seem to notice yet)


И отдельный хихик за Виолетту :))